And the Suits Against Strip Clubs Keep Coming

Friday, October 30, 2015 - 12:30 pm PT
Voronina v. Stan -Right of PUblicity claim against The Playhouse

Another group of models has sued for the unauthorized use of their images by a strip club -- this time in Florida for the use of their images to promote The Playhouse strip club.  The Complaint includes right of publicity claims under Florida Stat. §540.08 and the common law, among other claims.  The complaint includes a defamation claim, on the basis that the models are not strippers and do not take their clothes off for others' "sexual stimulation." The complaint considers strippers to be engaged in “deviant  sexual behavior.”  This is at least the fourth complaint filed against a strip club this month -- others have been filed in New York and California.  The models appear to have strong right of publicity cases.  Again, the defamation claim could stand to be retooled so that the plaintiffs do not bash women who make their living as performers in strip clubs.

Complaint, Voronina v. Stan, Inc.

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