Harris Faulkner Hamster Case Settles

Friday, October 07, 2016 - 3:15 pm PT
right of publicity harris faulkner

No surprise here. As I predicted, Hasbro and Harris Faulkner have reached a settlement only a few months after a district court in New Jersey denied Habsro's motion to dismiss.  The claim that the toy hamster looked anything like the Fox news reporter was always a stretch, but because the name-based right of publicity claim had a good chance of success this one was smart to settle. It is hard to imagine someone at Hasbro coming up with such a unique name in a vacuum.

The settlement amount has not been disclosed. New Harris Faulkner hamsters are not being made, but three new ones remain on Amazon -- when I posted in July there were 11 left.  So act quick.  The price on ebay appears to be rising.

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