New York Legislature Deluged with Letters Opposing Right Of Publicity Bill

Monday, June 11, 2018 - 10:00 am PT
new york state right of publicity right of privacy bill 2018 june

Dozens of letters opposing the recently reintroduced and amended version of a right of publicity bill in New York have already been submitted to members of the New York legislature.  Letters so far include ones by: The Media Coalition, New York State Broadcasters Association, Association of Magazine Media, Getty Images, Shutterstock, Motion Picture Association of America, Digital Media Licensing Association, Entertainment Software Association, Association of National Advertisers, Warner Brothers, Viacom, NBC/Universal, Disney, CBS, Electronic Frontier Foundation, and a number of scholars (including myself, William McGeveran, and Shuba Ghosh).

It is rare for all these parties to line up on the same side of any issue, which only highlights how flawed this draft bill is.

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